Supreme Antler Honest Reviews

Supreme AntlerSupreme Antler has been creating quite a buzz as the latest muscle enhancement supplement to enter the market. There were many deer antler sprays that entered the market and disappeared in a very short time during the recent past. So, how is Supreme Antler going to be different from all these other deer antler sprays? This is what we want to thoroughly research and give our honest opinion so that the buyer could make a well informed decision when purchasing the product.

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Supreme Antler is a legal supplement that helps to spike your insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone levels within minutes of taking the first dose. The velvet coating on the antlers of a deer contains IGF-1 which helps the deer to grow its rugged antlers year after year. Scientists discovered that IGF-1 could be used in a supplement to help humans to increase their muscles. Supreme Antler supplement extracts the velvet from the antler racks of the New Zealand Red Deer. The claim that Supreme Antler supplement would help to grow muscles quite effectively is backed by solid research by the scientific community. >> Click here to learn more.

A team of researchers from the University of Alberta examined the Red Deer Antler velvet’s capabilities to enhance endurance and strength of members from a regional police academy. They found that the supplement helped to increase blood plasma testosterone levels in the men who participated in the study. They were able to double their muscular endurance over a 10-week trial period compared to the placebo group. There are more than three dozen other studies that reveal the effects of antler velvet on muscular development, recovery and cardiac output. See the research here.

get-started-nowUse Supreme Antler if you wish to:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Boost endurance
  • Reduce body fat
  • Enhance protein synthesis
  • Increase strength and energy levels
  • Reduce recovery time between two exercise groups

Ingredients of Supreme Antler

The supplement contain only 100% natural ingredients derived from nature. The main ingredient is derived from the New Zealand Red Deer antler’s velvet coating. One thing to keep in mind is that no deer is harmed in the process of extracting this velvet coating. With the growth of the deer antlers, there is a soft layer that grows from the deer antlers which resembles algae or moss. This is the source of extraction in producing Supreme Antler. The IGF-1, which is the main ingredient in Supreme Antler will work with human growth hormone to develop a type of symbiotic effect. This help humans to get more powerful and larger muscles. The other major ingredients in the formula include:

Niacin – Improves the metabolic process and creates lean muscle.

L-glutamine – Helps in post-workout recovery and repair muscles.

Tribulus Terrestris – Increases natural male testosterone.

L-Arginine – Converts stored fat into energy. Improves metabolism and helps to burn fat faster.

L-Carnatine – Works to convert stored fat into energy.

Zinc – Works to heal and repair muscles quickly.


Benefits of Supreme Antler

With bigger muscles and more strength being the most prominent benefits of using Supreme Antler, there are many other benefits of taking the supplement.

Stronger immune system. The complementary amino acids in the supplement will help your immune system to work more efficiently.

Faster recovery time and reduced muscle soreness after workouts. This will allow to work longer and harder without risking injury to the muscles.

The supplement will maximize the nutrients delivered directly to your muscles.

Enhanced blood oxygenation will help your muscles to gain in size and condition effectively.

Better fat burning would help to lose weight faster than normal.

If you want to increase your muscles in size and tone while losing unwanted body fat quite effectively, there is no other supplement in the market than Supreme Antler.

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